Green Lake/ Phinney Ridge - 507 N 61st

Second Floor

Price: $750.00/month
Availability: Not Vacant

Good size top floor room, new carpet and paint, closet, two windows, high ceilings, plenty of natural light

Room can fit a full size bed, dresser, desk, mini fridge (provided for free in all rooms) and a reading chair or small couch depending on the size of other furniture

Fully equipped kitchen with two refrigerators, dishwasher, kitchen table, small appliances along with cookware and cleaning supplies provided

Furnished living room/ sitting area, onsite laundry, four full bathrooms, two 50 gallon gas hot water tanks

3 off street parking spaces, easy on street parking, very residential area

4 blocks west of Greenlake Park, 2 blocks north of the Woodland Park Zoo, 1 1/2 blocks to the number 5 bus line, about 5 blocks to the new E Line buses on Aurora headed north and south into Downtown, about a 7 minute drive on Aurora (Hwy. 99) to Downtown by car

Walking distance to local restaurants, shops and stores, Greenlake Park is just 4 blocks away


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